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Monday, November 22, 2010

What I Did This Weekend...

But first some catching up as I have been remiss...  We had a hard drive crash and all the photos I promised to upload were on that hard drive but thankfully our camera's card rarely gets deleted. Here are some of the photos taken of Reece in his last session with his Speech Therapist Miss Amanda...  We miss her.

On Friday I was inspired by a fellow crafter posting photos of her progress on re-organizing her scrap room and so I started mine.  It has been over taken by boxes and 'stuff' moved to allow us to get some items needed for my husbands hunting adventures.  We have little storage here so often to get something seldom used out we need to relocate things that are in front or on top of it...  I can't believe I am going to share these...ICK!  I'll do this in stages - first my peg board
Frankly I had grown to hate it!  I had pegs that were not serviceable and just gathered junk.  Jay asked if cutting them down would help...ummm YES! So off they went to the angle grinder to lose the top totally useless piece and shorten the bottom piece.  After that was done and I went through things this is what I ended up with...

No idea why it loaded sideways but I can't get it to reload at all so while I work on that and find the ones other of the 'altered' pegs this will need to do...   I am loving that is more a decorative element now than storage and what items are on there are tools I use frequently or things I don't want to forget about.  In fact I just realized I have a cut stickles storage that was added after this photo so will retake it and try to get it to load correctly (wink)

I will be sharing the closet next but it might take until after Thanksgiving as I am not 'loving' it at the moment so it is still a work in progress.

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