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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mini Me

I totally need to get back to creating on a daily basis... Maybe not a full LO but something as I feel so energized when I do.  On Saturday a friend came out to play with paper and I finished a mini album I had been working on forever - well at least it seems that way.  If you are interested you can see it all on my Flickr account.

I also did this one which is just waiting for hubby to journal - I am lucky he does all of his own but rarely at the same time I finish them.

Then tonight I did these two after the photos *jumped* out at me today.  Literally I was walking by a stack of photos waiting to be scrapped and these 3 fell out - yeah scared me too so I figured if they were that insistent I needed to get them done.  I used a wonderful paper stack I won from Moxie Fab World  from the Melody Ross designer collections by gcd studios called Soul Food (I know some are thinking why does that woman not use capital letters appropriately - well I copied what was on the cover.  Who am I to correct them?)

Here is LO one... My Grandma Reece taught me many things one of them was a love of her garden.  I had just been flipping through the stack prior to the photos jumping out at me and knew the 2 belonged together.   The photo of me in her garden was taken 40 years ago - wow I feel old.  The color is WAY off but good help is hard to find so my hubby might loose his *job* over this one.  {wink}  The colors Melody used are more subdued than what appears here as is Grandma's dress but I was excited to have finished not 1 but 3 LOs over the last 4 days so didn't take the time to retake these last 2.

Here is a photo of me trying to get to the TV, at least now I know where our son got his fascination with it.  I don't want to discuss when this was taken...I'd get depressed.  Colors are closer here but the lacquer on the lovely lady made it hard to get a good photo of this at all. 

Well that's it for today but I hope to be back at least once more this week and try to get back to some sort of schedule for posting.  I miss doing this almost as much as the creating.  Thanks for looking :)

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