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Thursday, April 15, 2010

When the CHIPS are down

Happy Thursday :)  Today I am going to share how I took a paint chip and turned it into (hopefully) a cute card...

So the other day I was strolling through WalMart and as I often do I stopped to check out paint chips as I dream of repainting our bedroom soon (I say dream due to having to move a monstrous safe to do it) and these jumped out at me.  The browns for our room but the blues to use for cards.  Yes I looked at paint chips and saw cards - Operation Write Home cards to be exact.

So I snagged a few and headed home...  As you can see although the size is almost perfect for card fronts at almost 5 inches and just over 3 1/2 they have those pesky labels across the bottom and in the upper right corner.  First the bottom - this is fairly easy simply cut ribbon to size and adhere over the label.

But the upper right one needs some thought so I started digging around in my embellishment boxes looking for something to inspire me.  Nada but I pulled out a heart so I could see how much more width I needed to cover the label.  To my surprise it was the perfect size!  So I used my paper pierce and went through the button holes and the card front.

I then placed a piece of jute and used an extra piece to tie my knot on it.  I did not tie this as it added too much bulk for me.  Instead I pulled it tighter and went over the ends several times with my ATG gun.

This is a great stamp for Father's Day (deadline May 15) or just for general cards for your father (I have an I love you Mom stamp too). It was stamped much earlier and I missed jotting down the color I used - bad Betty! - so I just tired to match things as best I could.

I then mounted this on a card front that was 5 1/4 x 4 and rounded the corners of that.

This was then mounted on a blue Bazzill base.


I am very happy with how this turned out and can't wait to be inspired the next time I am wandering around the store.  I'd love to hear your greatest 'finds'...


  1. Love it--I'm thinking of the mickey ears I picked up when looking at those colors years ago--but of course couldn't throw away the little cards-paper scrapaholic that I am!!