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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Get Organized Be Inspired!

Since I seem to have an internet connection at the moment I am going to share some before pictures from my class. I am kind of in shock at how much the space has transformed and how user friendly it is for all of us - remember it is a craft/office/school room. So without further ado here are the before (I can't believe I'm sharing these. ICK!)

This first shot is what you used to see from the hall when you looked into the room

Here is where I used to scrap.

This was how the pegboard looked back in January when this journey started.

This is where I tried to do school stuff as well as general office type stuff like pay bills. The desks were on the wall under the window and not very user friendly for more than one person at a time.

And this mess is how the closet used to look. I still can't believe I lived with it like this...

This is the closet now...what a difference! I no longer hope that nothing falls out of it.

I made this work surface as an after thought as I had the original "desk" top available. Jay got me a huge one piece top and even drilled a hole for all the cables etc to come up.

This is where the pegboard used to live. It's on the right side of the room but my scrapping desk is now on the left side so...

I have this set up on the left side of the room right behind my scrapping desk.

I'll continue to post new ones later this week as we are having a satellite internet service installed on Tuesday!


  1. Betty Jane, the transformation in your room is amazing! I can't wait to get to where you are. Getting closer now that the floor is painted, though! (:

  2. Betty Jane- I am so proud of you!
    great job friend