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Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 4 of LOAD May 2009

That's layout a day for those non-scrappy types (wink).

So far I am having lots of fun doing the layouts - well if you don't count Day 2 where I thought I was dying. You can see what I've accomplished so far at myFlickr page. Well you can't see today's as the silly Adobe will not let me size it - ARGH! Now I remember why I let Jay do this stuff.

We get daily prompts but I haven't really been following them until yesterday - squares. We were encouraged to use squares and I managed to fit 29 on a 12 x 12 LO 30 if you count the background page itself. I LOVE the photo I used and it is one that I had to
Jay over taking. I had this vision based on a shot taken years ago to announce the retirement of the Top Show Dog in Canada where she and her handler were walking away from the camera down a tree line country road with a Best In Show ribbon over his shoulder. I had trouble getting Jay to stop looking at Sage who then looked at him - I wanted to just have them side by side walking into the twilight years (she is 12+ years old). I finally got it after much yelling and a few tears, he didn't cry much LOL This isn't the MONEY shot but it is a great one that reminds me that we can disagree and still do good work together as well as all the sentimental stuff it was meant to invoke. That and I had no problem cutting it into a square.

I'll be gathering my thoughts and posting a little later about a couple of things so stop on back.

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