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Sunday, March 21, 2010

About Last Night

If you are here for the Operation Write Home blog hop go here. The post below...
Last night some friends and I got together at a local scrapping store for an evening of creating.  Some of us did some layouts (I'll share mine later) but most of us ended up doing something related to cards by the end of the evening.  I'll be the first to admit I'm frugal, some would say cheap and I'm good with that too, so when I reached into the trash bag hanging beside my friend (NOTE to the non-crop attendees this only contains paper scraps and other like items none of it wet or icky as it is a paper bag so we can keep out work areas tidy - I know funny right) and pulled out a bunch of scraps that had been tossed in while cutting 12x12 paper into the size needed for card fronts.  Yeah I'm weird but look at the cards these 'scraps' made...

I don't know which paper stack they came from but I know I have enough to make 5 or 6 more cards easily.  So if you see me out and about I might just salvage your scraps so I can get cards into the hands of another 6 or 7 soldiers - hope you're ok with that.


  1. You did it!
    I have to say the 2nd is my fav....trash-digger!

  2. Mine too... I am not loving the ribbon thing on the first and will likely redo that.

  3. Ok- did you trim them at all or are they just as you grabbed them? Now I MUST know! Hee hee

  4. I just needed to trim a twitch to make sure all were even and I do mean a twitch barely worth the effort but it bugged me

  5. Thanks Betty- so 4 in strips THEN the 5 1/4 pieces so you get the right size leftovers. I CAN do this! :D

  6. Yes that should give you the 4 x 1 1/2 inch pieces you need. If a little narrower you just put more in the card...

  7. LOVE your quote! and the cards are GREAT. I meant to get in on this one, but it is probably best I didn't with the lovely gall bladder surgery :)