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Sunday, April 5, 2009

GOBI by the numbers Part 3

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Yesterday I shared with you weeks 5-8 during this time we contined to learn the *how* behind this hobby of ours, EMPTIED our spaces - yes completely emptied them, started to look at storage options to see which ones drew our eye. And then finally started to discuss what wasn't working for us and what was as a group with Wendy's blessing...

Week 9 - we had a few more projects that were optional (I skipped them but plan on going back to do them because - well they are cute). We were to continue to shop for storage that would work for us. I'm a visible but closed kind of girl as I live in the dust/wind capital of the world. We were encouraged to go slow with purchases and told often that our 'dream space' may not come together over night but it would come if we were patient. Lots of cheaper (read free) alternatives for storage were offered to tide us over until what we wanted had been saved for or went on sale. And yes we were encouraged to have a budget and start saving for all we wanted. Wendy shared that it took her 2 years to get her room as it is now. I found myself saying my mantra much less this week...

Week 10 - YEAH we are bring things back into our space! We started to figure out 'cute' display options, figuring out what will work for us and how to maintain it. We dicussed that sometimes our wants don't fit our budget and how to re purpose items we already have until we can get our 'ideal'. We were encouraged not to 'settle' in our search for items. We started to label our containers and I heard the 'trust the process' again... I hate labeling because I tend to overthink the whole thing - should I say tags or Tags by MM, K&Co & CI... And on and on and on! The final answer was a bit of both. We had a great handout from Lisa Damrosch about her favorite organizational items. Aby also provided us with a handout on making our spaces comfortable - another gem!

We also had our second Super Saturday! We discussed what we had left to do and about re purposing items we already had. We talked about the layout of our work stations and how over time that would likely evolve as we evolved on our creative journey.

I'll be back with weeks 11 to conculsion as I got behind with this due to company and having a very enjoyable afternoon talking about my other hobby competing with my dogs...

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