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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

GOBI by the Numbers Part 4

I am finally getting to this final installment nothing like the incentive of being out of commission for a few days to light a fire is there. It's nothing serious but I have a test scheduled for tomorrow am and these things usually have me out of it for a day or two.

Week 11 - we did a recap of the previous weeks and talked about maintenance of our spaces. We had a Task Card project (mine is still a work in progress - it needs a cover but all the tasks are listed) or we could choose to go the electronic route with a service like cozi.com. The other link was jot.com but I have not been able to get that too load - just a headsup. We were reminded that storage is about the container and orgainzing is about what you put in the container. We were encouraged to step back and see what we had accomplished whether we were all moved back in or still had a ways to go.

We then recieved a checklist for preparing for scrapbooking away from home. What a great resource! Even for those of us who do this a lot and have a game plan for it this was a great refresher for attending crops and actually getting things done.

Week 12 - We were encouraged to include visual reminders in our space about the WHY behind our scrapbooking. Honestly I still haven't hung anything in my space that will do this save for one photo of my son on a photo mat I made but I will get there. I am still trying to a balance between his school necessities and my creative necessities being on display. At the moment they are winning...

Aby gave us a wonderful bonus handout about using filters and staying organized. And I am trying to figure out how to fit in a cool wall vinyl in my space.

Week 13 - we had a bonus week and got a really cool banner project. I hope to work on mine over the weekend (once I figure out what I want it to say). Wendy had us reflect on all that we had accomplished over the 3 months and encouraged us all to stay in touch. I for one hope that will be the case as the time with all my GOBI alum was fantastic!

I am so glad that I stuck in there and allowed myself to TRUST the process in the beginning even when I wasn't sure that was the way to go.

I'll insert pictures when I get back from the hospital this afternoon.

Now I am back to counting down the days to the ULTIMATE in pampering - MemoryWorks Retreat

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