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Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Fond Farewell

A few weeks ago I read an announcement about the closing of one of our LSS (local scrapbook store). Honestly I hadn't been in there in some time but only because I usually have Reece in tow and it is usually after his therapy sessions making shopping less than enjoyable for either of us as he's tired and a little cranky.

MaryAnn was a wonderful hostess to those who came through her doors and the store was always filled with goodies just waiting to be discovered. It was dangerous to wallets and budgets everywhere as there was always a new *must* have around every corner. Crops there were cozy but no one ever seemed to mind as they were also a ton of fun. It was the store I first took my friend Missy to when I was helping her start building her stash scrapping supplies because it was close to where she lived but mostly because it was a friendly atmosphere where newbies were encouraged and fostered.

MaryAnn - thank you for World Class Scrappers! Thank you for having new discoveries around every corner that just had to come home with me. THANK YOU for just being you! Good luck in your future endeavours whatever they are.

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