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Sunday, January 3, 2010

2 Hours Equals ???

What does this stack of photos, 3 cardstock, 2 patterned papers, 1 vellum sheet, assorted rub-ons, and a few embellishments get you? Well if you scrap with the page protectors that MemoryWorks carries then you get 7 completed pages in 2 hours. Yes I said 2 hrs and that is with interruptions galore and taking the time to use my Cricut to do the title.

Like everyone else I am impatiently awaiting the launch of MemoryWorks Simple Stories line. So when I stumbled across 22 photos of a trip I took with my Mom in 1988 and realized I had page protectors in the same configuration as those used in Simple Stories well what else could I do..

This shows the stack of photos I started with

I originally pulled these papers but put back a 4 sheet of the patterned papers and pulled 2 co-ordinating cardstock sheets. Thus I ended up with 2 patterned papers, 1 vellum sheet and 3 cardstock sheets - I did not use a full sheet of anything!

This is my title page using the page protector that has a 4x12 strip across the top and 4 - 4x6 spaces. The rub-on used for my journaling spot is on top of the page protector and the "trip" chipboard is under.

Page 2 is of course the backside of page 1 and all elements are inside the page protector. I trimmed my top photos to 3 1/2 and mounted it in the center. Page 3 uses the 4x4 protector First Class is on top of the protector and World Traveler is on the cardstock.

Page 4 is the back of page 3 (like you didn't know that...) To save time I simply did my journaling on the back of the cardstock inserts - I did this through out you do need to ensure you do the lumpy items after you are done everything else.... Again top left rub-on is on the cardstock and bottom middle is on the protector itself. Page 5 is 4 - 4x6 and 1 - 8x6 space. I took my favorite, I know it's not the best one, photo and matted it then centered it in the space and placed a rub-on over the 3 layers. The quote under it is on the page protector.

Page 6 I trimmed the photo I wanted to use and centered it putting a rub-on over it and journaling under. The rest of the spaces simply hold photos. The last page has 1 - 2x12, 3-4x6 and 2 6x4 spaces. I placed the Travel tag is on the outside of the page protector as well as the 'bon voyage' rub-on. The scroll on my journaling card is on the cardstock.

I had fun literally whipping these up using what I had on hand and if I can get them done in 2 hours (I started at 2:13 and finished at 4:00) having to cut photos and paper just imagine what you will be able to do with the actual MemoryWorks Simple Stories line.

Getting our stories into albums will be a whole lot easier very soon!


  1. very nice work Betty!! The papers fit so well with the atmosphere of the zoo. -izzi

  2. Looks great!
    ~Erika from MW Studio

  3. Very cool! Thanks for linking me to this. (I'm stopping by from LOAD Feb 2010 discussion board). I'll have to check out that Memory Works line for my next big project. I have plenty of them!!! : ) See you in LOAD!

  4. very cool, I need some of those.

  5. Thanks for sharing Betty!!! I had those in mind when "planning" this album. Your album looks great.
    aka scrapperann