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"Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it." ~ John C. Maxwell

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Baby - Part Deux

So last week I was excitedly telling you all about the knife Jay made me that I named Coco (after the cocobolo wood used on the handle). Today I'll share Part Deux of the saga... and you know since I'm calling it a saga now it's not going to be good don't you?

I used my lovely knife several times with Jay hovering reminding me it was very sharp. I repeatedly told him I was a big girl and to bug off - I'm pretty sure I was that polite about it but I digress. So he finally leaves me to my own devices with Coco who promptly tried to "trim" the nail on my left index finger. It's not a bad cut but in the most inopportune location. Thankfully we had a finger splint to keep me from hitting the finger and causing unbelievable pain to myself and super glue to keep the nail in place as catching it on something is not to be dwelled on.   I can't wait until he tells his buddies over on the knifemaking boards what a klutz I am and that he is never making me another knife no matter how much I beg.  They suggested I needed more initially - they really seem to be nice caring men so I am going to assume it wasn't so I could finish the job so Jay could inherit my mass fortune - mass fortune yeah right!

It isn't easy to see but if you look close towards the middle of the nail on the bottom of the screen is a half oval shaped red line.  The red line is where the nail is cut and yes it goes down into the nailbed...again not dwelling. 

I was typing one handed for several days but I'm back to both and am so looking forward to starting the LOAD challenge next week -- 28 layouts in 28 days.  Why yes I am crazy why do you ask?


  1. OUCH - you must be more careful. If you cant type how will I be amused?

  2. Ouch! My son (who's a chef) sharpens my Santoku knife for me and I had to explain to my manicurist how I sliced off a section of my nail bed cutting a tomato...